Friday, March 9, 2012

Wow - this is the beginning of the end...

It's 4:00 on a Friday...and the regular crowd's logging in...(to the tune of Piano Man)

Actually, it's the beginning of Spring Break and I'm waiting for the few die-hard afternoon students to make their way to the door and leave already.  This will be my final blog post until I return to work Monday March 19.

Hate to break it to you, but I will be traveling abroad and I am not packing my 11 Tools.  So this is me telling you that I will not be available to answer your 11 Tools questions.

If you need help, refer back to my previous posts or the numerous emails I have sent you over the past 11 weeks.  At some point in one of those emails or posts, I have answered,addressed,cussed at,solved, and prayed about just about every known 11 Tool issue there is.

I have faith in you. I know you can do this.

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