Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Monday, Monday, Monday

We're back and I've already heard from so many of you - you worked on your 11 Tools on your break and you finished and I am so proud of you!!!  There were very few problems apparently and I am working with those of you that ran into glitches.  Looks like we will muddle through... especially since Terri M. will offer afternoon Tool Times in the regular spot for those of you that need help to add the finishing touches to your Tools.

By the way, I took the Atomic Learning assessment before the break and I scored an 82 and I was THRILLED with that 82! I'm usually one of those perfectionist-types but I know better than to stress over it.  It's a hard assessment and it really doesn't reflect your PERSONAL LEARNING experience.  Remember - this was supposed to be a personal journey for you.  So again, don't stress over the score!  Just print that sucker and put it in your personal records.  And then email me that you've finished 11 Tools :)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel - I can see it!

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  1. Did you know the system will let you pass with a 19 or 32? The grade seems irrelevant to the district. Wonder why? 3 post for tool 2.