Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPad/iPod training presentation

Now that we have concluded our final iPad/iPod training session, here is a copy of the presentation that has been updated with more information about iCloud.  If you would like to explore further, don' t forget that you can learn more about any and all of the items we talked about  in Atomic Learning or by viewing the tutorials that are usually included with any app(lication) that peaks your interest. Also, remember that the Ed Tech page with the list of approved apps is merely a listing of apps with brief descriptions.  You can't actually download apps directly from that page so it would be a good idea to have your iTunes page up at the same time so you can just flip back over to it if you find a hot app that you want NOW :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upcoming dates

Just a quick reminder of these upcoming Tool-related dates:

Thurs., Feb 9   Terri’s Tool Time     3:15 to 4:30pm in V101   Terri M. will be available for Tool help

Mon., Feb. 13   initial devices delivered (see previous email – you don’t need to do anything until notification that your device is ready for pick-up)

Tues, Feb. 14   COACHES’ iPad tutorial   6:45 – 7:45am in room O-105     PDLC 7565.19072

Wed., Feb. 15   iPad tutorial   3:15 – 4:15pm in Library        attend one session on the 15th , 16th or 21st PDLC 7565.18972

Thurs., Feb. 16   iPad Tutorial   3:15 – 4:15pm in Library   attend one session on the 15th , 16th or 21st PDLC 7565.18973

Tues., Feb. 21   iPad Tutorial   3:15 – 4:15pm in Library        attend one session on the 15th , 16th or 21st PDLC 7565.18974

Thurs., Feb. 23   11 Tools Help Session    3:30 – 5:30pm in Library   General help session to help you along or get ahead

Wed., Mar. 21   11 Tools DEADLINE 11 Tools completed, all posted about on your blog, assessment test completed in Atomic Learning
(don’t forget to print your certificate and file it away for safe-keeping as proof of completion)

(FYI: if you want to average one tool a week, you should finish Tool 5 this week. Not rushing you, just giving you the heads up)

Renae van Zeelst
Nobody’s tool
Just acting the tool
On a tool’s errand
Living in a tool’s paradise
Someone stop me.
I pity the tool!
Can’t help myself.
Tool me once, shame on you, tool me twice…
Experience is the teacher of tools
Tools rush in
A tool and his money are soon parted

They're coming....

Hey Toolers - The "initial" device that you are to receive from your classroom device package will be arriving Monday February 13. At some point that afternoon (probably no sooner than 6th period) you will get to pick it up. More details to follow but rest assured...they're coming!