Monday, January 30, 2012

Tool Three - Dropbox it

Not dropkick it - dropBOX it.  While troubleshooting Tool 3 with a colleague, I thought of a tip I might share with you all.  It's the answer to "how the heck do I get BACK into Dropbox?  I click on the icon and I get those windows with the folders and nothing else!"  It was the same question I posed to my daughter when she MADE me get on the DropBox train last year.  Those of you that know my daughter know she's a force to be reckoned with so I hopped right on that train because she knows EVERYTHING.  I didn't tell her I got off at the next stop but that's another story....

Anyways, how do you get back to your DropBox dashboard?  Just RIGHT-click on the icon (not double click, but right-click) and then "launch the website" - and WHOOP, 'dere it is!  There's probably an easier way so if you know one - let me know and I'll post it here.

I'm back on the train, by the way.  I had forgotten how accommodating it is - and how much STUFF I could bring on board with, powerpoints, documents, just about everything.  And I can access my stuff from my phone, from my iPad, from my laptop, from my desktop...nice.

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