Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tool Six idea

I wanted to share an application with you that I've just learned about.  I don't "tweet" (nor do I "moo", "woof" or "meow" but I digress) but if I did..I would want to be able to browse through my Twitter tweets feed by subject area (I'm doomed to think like a Librarian for the rest of my life)  How would I do that, you ask?  By using TweetDeck, a separate application.  It allows you to sort your Twitter feed into categories (I'm getting goose-bumps).  For instance, CoolCatTeacher tweets her patweetie off so it would make it easier for me to receive or view tweets with subjects that interest me rather than scanning through her daily deluge of tweets.  Who has time to read all of that?  Seriously?


  1. Hey Renae! I don't tweet either, but I just learned that if you (or someone else) has tweeted inappropriately, you can erase it by closing your twitter account!

  2. Great idea! I know I am going to learn so much from your blog!
    Thanks in advance!!!!!