Monday, January 9, 2012

Picasa and Tool Three

When you look at Tool Three, one of your options is to go to Picasa and search for photos.  The instructions to use Picasa (on the 11 Tools page) are not working for some of us.  This is what it says:

...login to your Picasa Web Album through Google Apps - don't download Picasa, just click on the Web Albums link. 

EXCEPT when you follow those instructions and go to Picasa in your Google Docs account there is no "Web Albums" link unless you actually download Picasa -  which they don't want you to do!  Here's a work-around I found so we can get on with the program.  I found a link to Picasa Web Albums that does not require you to download it.  In order for this link to work, you must be logged in to your Google Apps for Educators, in Google Chrome.  And then you can just click on it or paste it into a new tab.  And then follow the rest of the instructions:
Search for a few pictures. After searching, look at the filters on the left. Use the Creative Commons or remix filter to find images that you can reuse and remix. How could you use either one of these tools in your classroom?

Take that, Technology Gremlins!


  1. Thanks for all you do! I use your page as my oh shoot...what now...resource!

  2. That is exactly what I want it to be :)

  3. I am so glad you are our librarian. :)Thank you, thank you, thank you for the hints and tips as we wade through these Tools.

  4. Thank YOU for the hints too - you're on top of things!!

  5. Thank you for all your help. Lord knows I need it! :-)
    Oops, I just said Lord on a public school website....should I edit that?