Sunday, January 8, 2012


Although I haven't starting officially commenting back to you on your blogs, it's been pointed out to me that some of you are not answering or addressing ALL of the questions for each tool on your blog posts.  That is what the moderators are going to be looking for.  So go back to the 11 Tools page and look at all of your tool posts and make sure you have answered all of the questions required to get credit for each tool.  You cal talk about other stuff, but you MUST answer the questions for each Tool.  You can edit posts - it's one of the tabs on your blog's post tabs.  I edit all of the time - sometimes I forget to spellcheck and I don't see the misspellings until after I've posted.  So EDIT any Tool One posts that you have left incomplete by Thursday, please.

Keeping it simple:  Read the tool.  Do the tool.  Talk about the tool by answering the questions in your post.


  1. I will be following this blog to capitalize on the valuable information and reminders that you post. Thanks again for all you do!

  2. I made the changes you requested.
    When you have time, please check my postings. I would like to continue with Tool 3.

  3. I really appreciate your comments and also your time. I still feel I don't have the time to create products for my students, because of blogging, but eventually I will have more free time.
    Although I post blogs during school hours, I make the files and research the topic outside of class.
    I have logged in a lot of hours (does whining count?)

  4. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I can't imagine having to read as many of these as you do. Power to you!!!