Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finishing 11 Tools

That phrase will probably send most of you over the edge but there really are some of your colleagues that are finishing 11 Tools this week!  We all need to make sure we take the survey/test at the end of the 11th tool.  That process is what will generate your certificate so after you take the test, check at the bottom of the 11 Tools blog list and watch for your certificate - print it out for your files.  Keep it handy just in case Ed Tech comes back and says you didn't take the test.  See the method to my madness?  Your certificate is proof you finished the survey/test!  How would you have received the certificate otherwise???  BAM.  You have a paper trail.

AND WHEN YOU DO take the test....please do NOT stress over it.  Your score will not necessarily reflect your 11 Tool prowess.  I promise.  Seriously.  If you make below a 70, just let it go.  You will still receive credit and hopefully will have walked away with at least one tool to enhance the classroom experience for our students.

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