Friday, January 6, 2012

Central TIME

A few teachers have noticed that the time stamp on their blog posts is a couple of hours “off” the actual time they posted.  That’s because Blogger’s time stamp defaults to a different time zone than our Central time.  You want to post after 3:30pm or before 7:30am, remember?  Don’t despair!  It can be fixed.  Amy Lipp forwarded this set of instructions to her department and wanted to share them with you all as well:

To change the time zone on your blog:

1.      Go to your Blog main page.
2.    In the upper right hand corner, go to Design.  Then, next to the Design Tab you will see a Settings Tab.  Click that tab.
3.    Under the Settings Tab, the third tab is Formatting.  Go there.
4.    5 sections down you should see “Time Zone”.  Choose the Central Time Zone and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and “Save Settings”.

What if you already posted and you didn’t notice the time was off by two hours?  You could post an addendum to Tool One and explain how you didn’t notice the time was wrong but you’ve since  learned how to fix it and now it’s all good.  Rock on. 


you could delete the original post and re-post it after you fix the time in your settings.  Just make sure you fix the time NOW.

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