Friday, January 6, 2012

11 Tools

Hey Everyone – PLEASE read through all of the instructions on the 11 Tools Page and read through all of the instructions on each individual tool.  You are not finished with any tool until you complete all tasks and then POST about it on your blog and that post MUST address the QUESTIONS that are listed for each tool.  For instance, your tool one task list would look like this:

1.       Create blog account
2.       Send blog url and name to Renae (complete url! Starts with http and ends with
3.       Design your blog page
4.       Design and insert an avatar (Voki) on your blog page
5.       Answer these questions in the form of a post on your blog:  Write a brief post about your experience to date. Did you find the experience fairly easy? Did you face any challenges? These questions are on the Tool One instructions. 

You MUST complete the entire tool and then post about it (after 3:30pm to get non-contract hours.)  Don’t wait for someone to comment back to you to tell you if you’ve done it correctly, etc.  Don’t ignore the project if you don’t understand something.  Try it whole-heartedly, post that you really tried it and state what problems you had with it and that you will come back to it when you get help.  And still GO ON TO THE NEXT TOOL.  Don’t get bogged down on a tool.  

And please clearly label your posts with the tool numbers.   Make it easy – label your posts TOOL ONE, TOOL TWO, etc. 

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