Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tool ONE Tips

Tool one is setting up your blog and adding an avatar to it. Here are tips to help you through this tool:

Creating your Blog:
1.  After creating your blog in Blogger (through your Google Apps account ONLY), WRITE DOWN the URL and save it somewhere.  Trust me on this.
2.  Follow the instructions on the wiki and send me the COMPLETE URL and Display Name of your blog.
3. I will be copying and pasting whatever you send me in that email so make sure you get it right. Otherwise, your blog will not work and you will not be able to posts won't show up on the wiki.

At this point, you are not finished with Tool One! Please read through the whole thing - you still need to create an avatar and insert it on your blog page. Once you've done that, then you are ready to POST your results/comments about Tool One. Look back at the 11 Tools wiki and answer the

Adding (embedding) your Voki to your blog:
1. Remember, you do not need to register on Voki to make an avatar!
2. Have both your VOKI website and your BLOGGER website open at the same time and make it easy on yourself:
In VOKI website
~ After your VOKI is created, click the "Publish" button.
~ Give your VOKI a title, then SAVE.
~ A box will pop up that says "Your scene has been saved." Click CLOSE.
~ In the right column, there is an "Embed code." Click the blue "Copy" button.
~THis will highlight the embed code.

In BLOGGER website
~Click on your "Dashboard" then click on "Design"
~On the Design page, click on "Add a gadget."
~On "Add a gadget" page, scroll to the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget and click the blue "plus" sign.
~A new box will pop up that says "Configure HTML/JavaScript"
~Type in the title of your VOKI.
~In the big empty box, right-click then left-click "Paste." The embed code from the VOKI website should now fill up that box.
~Click "SAVE."
~View your blog. You should see your VOKI in a few seconds.


Tick -tock...the ball will drop!

2011 is winding down - which means 2012 is almost here! And the new year will bring 11 Tools to our campus. Fanfare! Trumpets! Release the doves!
On January 3, 2012 MHS teachers will embark on a campus-wide PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK adventure and I want you to be excited...for yourself and for our students. This experience will culminate with the delivery of a veritable treasure-trove of electronic devices for our classrooms. And you will have a plethora of skills, tools, ideas, sites, and more to HEAT up your lessons to make Rigor-Relevance more than a catch phrase in an Alan November video.

Here's your first insider tip: 
One of the first things you have to do is come up with a name for a new blog you will create for 11 Tools. Be thinking about it. Make it something that represents you. For instance - my blog is called Mustang Librarian. Is it a little boring? Yes, because sometimes it's easier to KISS (look it up).  Just come up with a name and have it ready for January. You will also have a “display name” for your blog account.  I am still MHS Librarian.  It can be the same as your blog name so again, easy is good.

And NO. You can't send me your blog name now, you go-getter, you! Not until January.
Here's a second tip: When using Blogger, Google Chrome works as a better internet connection than Internet Explorer. Check your "Programs" list on your laptop and I bet Google Chrome is already there. And if it's not - then DOWNLOAD it and put a shortcut on your desktop. It's a must for 11 Tools. And play with it. Click on stuff. 

Here's a third tip: Get used to going to your Google Apps sign-in page because EVERYTHING in 11 Tools will go through Google Apps/Documents. And you get there by going to the Spring Branch page in GOOGLE CHROME  - not through Internet Explorer! So open up Google Chrome then type in and then click on Google Apps for Educators and then sign in as you normally would. Your Google Apps desktop should be your starting point for everything, really. You'll learn more later in January so don’t fret.
So in summary - to get a head start on 11 Tools, do these 3 things before January 3rd:
1. Think of a blog name 

2. Make sure you have Google Chrome downloaded

3. Practice going to your Google Apps for Educators sign-in page through Google Chrome and NOT Internet Explorer
If you've read this entire email posting and have decided to get a head start then again...Fanfare! Trumpets! Release more doves!

Have a glorious holiday

Renae van Zeelst